Standards and Certification


IBAC (International Business Analyst Consortium) Certification

IBAC is the International Standard for Functional Business Analysts. The IBAC standard represents the demands within the industry for Functional Business Analysis.
FBAR (Functional Business Analysis Repository)
FBAR is a repository that contains MVP’s (Minimum Viable Product) for industries, and Functions that can be deployed on an MVP. All the training courses create a MVP, and Product Courses create Functions that can be deployed on the MVP framework.
WESTER the PRODUCT that automates the documentation
Watch the video and see how its done.
During 2012, BAvarsity and Vladimir Raskin, using the Russian team developed the WESTER product. The product automates everything that is taught in the courses, using the same formula, generating all the required USER STORIES for a DIGITAL FUNCTION type business proposition.

WESTER – The product that generates FUNCTIONAL requirements.

WESTER was developed with Vladimir Raskin and the Russian team during 2011 to automate the formula and generate FUNCTIONAL Requirements.