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FBAR (Functional Business Analysis Repository)


FBAR is a repository hosted on the product WESTER that contains MVP's (Minimum Viable Product) for any industry, with Capabilities and Functions that can be deployed on a MVP. All the training courses create a MVP, while Product Courses create Capabilities with Functions that can be deployed on the MVP framework.

Companies can use WESTER to reverse engineer an existing application (AS-IS) and create a repository of Capabilities with Functions. Functions have Use Cases (Pre, Basic, Sub, Alternate, Exception and Post Flows) for every function/customer journey. Use Cases have Wireframes with tagged fields and specifications which are stored in a dictionary. Use Cases have Test Cases and Test Scripts for each function.

Companies can then use the repository with the dictionary that was created during the AS-IS reverse engineering process to create a new TO-BE application within minutes. New Capabilities and Functions with all the Use Case, Wireframe, Test Case detail can be added to the AS-IS and TO-BE generated application in the repository.

This will reduce the five (5) year transformation plans to months and save millions.

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